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The Last of Us - Remastered for PS4

The Last of Us – Remastered for PS4

The winner of over 200 ‘game of the year’ awards, and seller of over six million copies as of mid-March, is getting a much needed upgrade to the PS4 with the ‘Left Behind‘ DLC included. Naughty Dog seem to be headed for even more success with The Last of Us name not long after it was announced that we may be seeing a feature film on the hit game.

Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells has told us…

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Outlast DLC: Whistleblower

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 14.19.08

After really enjoying playing and watching Outlast, I was excited to hear about the upcoming DLC for the game, ‘Whistleblower.’ The concept of the DLC as I understand it is that you are playing as the anonymous writer of the first document in the main game, with the contents of the document vaguely explaining that things are, essentially, messed up in the asylum. The developer, Red Barrels Games,…

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Power Happy - inFamous: Second Son

Power Happy – inFamous: Second Son


Released 21st March (so I’ve owned it for just over a week now), Sucker Punch’s PS4 exclusive has shown what is to come with the PS4 and the Dualshock 4. It is a visually stunning game, and a game that actually reflects how good it looks in the trailer. inFamous: Second Sonis definitely my favourite game currently out for the PS4, and don’t worry if you haven’t played any of the other inFamous…

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Knack, Gateway to Nostalgia

Knack, Gateway to Nostalgia


I held off from buying Knack (developed by Japan Studio) because I thought there were better looking games coming out just over the horizon, which would be worth more to me, but the lack of games (that a student can afford) out for PS4 currently has gotten to me, and so I picked up a copy to satisfy the ‘craving for gaming’ a few weeks back. After playing it for a while, I do not regret, in one…

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The Elder Scrolls Online is ‘Shaping Up Nicely’

The Elder Scrolls Online is ‘Shaping Up Nicely’

The Elder Scrolls Online beta has returned for the final time before the full release apparently (from 14th March, 5PM GMT to 17th March, 3:59AM GMT). This time round, the Imperial race was released to play with for this beta event, which is available only in the Imperial Editionof the full game (if you hadn’t guessed from the name). 5 million were supposedly traversing Tamriel for this event (or…

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The Last of Us Feature Film

The Last of Us Feature Film

last of us

Naughty Dog’s PS3 super-hit, The Last of Us, is set to become a feature film. The game has won numerous awards, including ‘Game of the Year’ from many prestigious gaming communities, since its release in June 2013. The reason, for myself at least, for it being such a blockbuster of a game is how the story unfolds along with the characters in it. The two main protagonists, Joel and his 14-year-old…

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Initial Elder Scrolls Online Beta Impressions!

Initial Elder Scrolls Online Beta Impressions!


I managed to get an invite/key to play the Elder Scrolls Online beta weekend (28th Feb- 2nd March), so after about twelve hours of downloading using my terrible university internet connection, it was almost time to log on and create my new Nord character (suitably named Craig Johnson). I must say, that I haven’t played too much of the beta, for the reason that I played it on a Macbook (sorry) so…

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Outlast, is Terrifying

Outlast, is Terrifying


I’m currently sat watching my friends play this game (developed and published by Red Barrels), and I’m quite scared to be honest. The game’s ability to add tension is incredible; it manages to do what many horror games can’t do, and that it to actually scare you into submission. Rather than put you on the edge of your seat, it puts you further back so that you are closer to your real-life hiding…

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Gaming News in Brief (10/02 - 15/02) - GTA Update/Halo 2 AnniversaryThis is the first instalment of ‘My Gaming News in Brief’- a weekly post about a few things that…View Post

Gaming News in Brief (10/02 - 15/02) - GTA Update/Halo 2 Anniversary

This is the first instalment of ‘My Gaming News in Brief’- a weekly post about a few things that…

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